Centrix R19 Release Notes

Raw Digital Event Exporting

Digital events can now be exported from Centrix into a comma-separated-value (CSV) file. Any selection of channels from the same site, for any date range, can be exported in a single file.

Use the "Run Report" button to display the data to be exported, and then click "Export Results as CSV" to obtain a CSV data file.


Improved Graphs

The graphs widget on the playback screen has been redesigned to hide channel configuration until a channel is clicked. It is also now possible to enable or disable any channel with only a single click. This change maximizes the area of the graph used to display channel data.


Other Amendments / Fixes

  • The times and dates in the reports module are now consistently shown in the timezone of the currently selected site.
  • The graphs widget is faster, especially with large ranges on the y-axis.
  • The channel selector on the map designer no longer interprets user input as a regular expression.
  • The fast-load feature has been removed. All sites should now load fast even without using fast-load.