Centrix R16 Release Notes

Quad-state Indicators (Playback)

Indications based on 2-inputs can now be added to a map for graphical replay. The four different states can each be represented as a different colour on the indicator.

To create a quad-state indicator;

  1. Drag an indicator onto the map as normal
  2. Select a channel for Dip 1 and Dip 2
  3. Select the indicator (colour) for each of the 4 possible states; Up/Up, Up/Dn, Dn/Up, Dn/Dn


AOC Graph Widget Improvements (Playback)

Following on from the previous release, we have made some amendments to improve the visualisation of AOC data during Playback;

  • The selection of the graph is now done through the config of the widget (click the Graphs button in the bottom toolbar of the widget)
  • When the playback config is saved, the currently selected graph will also be saved and loaded when returning to the site
  • The Digital Events widget can now be hidden, providing more space for the Graphs widget.


Other Noteworthy Amendments

  • "No Direction" now supported on capture trace level alerts
  • Added support for paired acquire-on-change (AoC) for TX-L with EBITrack 400 units

Fixed Issues

  • Day/month column sorting is wrong in capture trace listing
  • Centrix temporarily stops responding to MIMOSA (TX-series) loggers
  • Stepped graphs display incorrectly with sparse data
  • It is not possible to set the minimum y-axis value for a graph to more than 100