Centrix R15 Release Notes

Custom Tool-tips on Map Indicators

Channel indication graphical objects can now be assigned a static tool-tip text value. This allows additional information to be provided on the indication without having to supply a large caption.

Add static tool-tip to indicators by double-clicking them in the Map Designer and enter a value in the Tooltip text area.


Alerts Widget (Playback)

An Alerts Widget can now be added to the Playback screen for a site. This will display all the alerts that have fired and allow you to navigate to the time when the alert was fired.

To add the Alerts widget;

  1. Load the site
  2. Click Configure in the top toolbar
  3. Tick the checkbox next to Alerts
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Save on the top toolbar if you want the widget to be permanently shown for this site


Live Status of Alerts on Map (Playback)

The map can now be used as a real-time panel for alerts. Any alerts that are currently active (fired) on a channel will be shown against the asset on the map.

Active alerts are represented as a red flashing alarm bell on the asset(s) the alert is related to.

Currently this is an indication of the current status of alerts, not the status in relation to the time selected for replay. We aim to improve this in a future release.



Other Noteworthy Amendments

  • Huge performance improvement when loading event data for old SA380 sites.
  • Huge performance improvement when loading event data for SSI/TDM sites.