Centrix R17 Release Notes

Virtual Channel Time Between Operator

It is now possible to record the time in milliseconds between two digital events. This could be used to record how long a track circuit section is occupied.

The time_between operator produces one analogue event for every sequence of start trigger, end trigger. If the end trigger event does not happen within the specified timeout period then the event will be produced at the end of the timeout. The value of the analogue event is the time since the start trigger event.


The time_between operator produces analogue events, so you must create an analogue channel (or choose an existing analogue channel) to place the events into - otherwise Centrix will display an error message when you save the virtual channel.


Analogue Indications

The value of an analogue channel can now be shown on the map. This is an alternative to creating an analogue graph that makes more sense when you are only interested in the current value of the channel and do not want to take up screen real estate with the graph widget.


Non-stateful Events

Non-stateful events (e.g. +Startup from an SA380) are no longer treated as digitals with an UP state - they now appear in the event list without any attached state.



Other Amendments / Fixes

  • The Diallers tab is no longer reset when moving to a different tab. This is the result of fixing a memory leak relating to the dialer log messages display, and should improve usability.