Centrix R13 Release Notes

Capture trace comments

It is now possible to add/view comments on each capture trace.

To view/add a comment to a capture trace, click the  button either in the traces listing (left hand side) or the currently selected traces (right hand side).

If there is an existing comment on a capture trace, the comments button will be darker, if there is no comment the button will be lighter.

To remove a comment, click the  button, delete the text in the comments box and click save changes.



Capture trace tag classifiers

The existing functionality of tagging a trace as baseline has now been extended to allow a trace to be tagged using a specific classifier;

  • Normal - the default tag that will be applied to all new traces
  • Anomaly - invalid directions will be tagged with this by default
  • Major Baseline - existing baseline traces will be marked with this tag
  • Maintenance Baseline
  • Fault

To apply a tag classifier to a capture trace, click the  button either in the traces listing (left hand side) or the currently selected traces (right hand side). You will then be presented with the classifier options.

To remove the currently applied tag from a trace, click the  button.

The traces listing can now be filtered by direction and/or tag classifier.


Other noteworthy changes

4-aspect signals can now be placed on the map without the requirement for all input channels to be specified. Similar to 3-aspect signals, the default state can be selected to revert the signal in the case the state cannot be automatically determined.

The type of logger(s) on each site will now be displayed next to the site name in drop down lists and on the main sites listing.

Auto-populate date options have been added to the state transition counts report to allow the from/to date to be quickly populated.


Resolved issues

Fixed optimistic lock exception messages that sometimes appear when designing maps.

Improved initial site loading performance in site playback for larger (busier) SA380 sites or when channels on the map are no longer present on the logger.