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Product Description

Centrix is a Graphical Replay & Fault Prevention system targeted at Railway Infrastructure Maintainers.


  • 100% web-based - access the system from virtually anywhere at anytime
  • User editable, drag-n-drop replay maps - no need to pay huge fees to create/update maps
  • Fault detection alerts - preset conditions can trigger e-mail alerts as soon as the fault is detected

Feature List

  • Interlocking & level-crossing graphical replay
    • Web-based replay
    • User editable, drag-n-drop map designer
    • Concise listing of all monitored relays
    • Logic analyser widget to confirm sequencing and timing
    • Create bookmarks to quickly navigate back to an incident
  • Fault detect & alerts
    • Find & Fix - Get alerted to faults and incidents as soon as they occur
    • Predict & Prevent - Spot asset deterioration and fix before failure
    • Powerful e-mail alert notification schemes to keep you in control of alert frequency
    • Add scheduled or repeating maintenance periods to automatically suppress alerts for selected assets
  • Analogue & points trace replay
    • Add replay and analysis of all manner of analogue data sources into your sites
    • Display and overlay multiple analogue input channels on a single graph
    • Mark baseline trace(s) to see degradation since maintenance/installation

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