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Centrix Release Summary

This page shows the highlights of the major Centrix releases.



Centrix R27 - 24 September 2014

  • Generic sequence timing report (enhanced from level crossing warnings report)
  • Always download current hour file option added to dialled loggers (available by request only)
  • Read more in Centrix R27 Release Notes

Centrix R26 - 12 September 2014

Centrix R25 - 21 August 2014

  • Improved loading performance of digital event replay (playback)
  • Fix occasional errors with diallers tab
  • Read more in Centrix R25 Release Notes

Centrix R24 - 13 August 2014

Centrix R23 - 30 July 2014

  • Improved load time after login
  • Fixed issue when uploading map images using Internet Explorer
  • General improvements to virtual channel processing
  • Read more in Centrix R23 Release Notes

Centrix R19 - 7 May 2014

  • Raw digital event data can now be exported into CSV files.
  • The reporting module now uses the timezone of the selected site to display times and dates.
  • The graphs widget is now prettier and faster
  • Read more in Centrix R19 Release Notes

Centrix R18 - 23 April 2014

Centrix R17 - 09 April 2014

  • Virtual channels now support a time_between operator
  • Analogue indications can now be created on the map
  • Non-stateful events (e.g. +Startup from an SA380) no longer have an UP state - they just appear in the event list without a state.
  • Read more in Centrix R17 Release Notes

Centrix R16 - 18 March 2014

  • Quad-state indications can now be created on the map
  • AOC graph widget layout improvements (Playback)
  • Fixed issues with AOC step graphs
  • Various TX/MIMOSA improvements/fixes
  • Read more in Centrix R16 Release Notes

Centrix R15 - 28 February 2014

  • Custom tool-tip can now be added to channel indicators on map
  • Alerts widget now available in Playback
  • Live alert status indicators on map in Playback
  • Huge performance improvement for legacy SA380, SSI & TDM logger replay
  • Read more in Centrix R15 Release Notes

Centrix R14 - 13 February 2014

  • Replay of capture traces from Playback screen
  • Replay of analogue (AOC) graphs from Playback screen
  • Added Z-index ordering to map graphical objects
  • Added experimental virtual channel functionality
  • Improved handling of BUSY line state in dialler
  • Updated 3rd-party messaging libraries
  • Improved performance of dialler log message retrieval
  • Fixes to capture trace syncing and axes
  • Read more in Centrix R14 Release Notes

Centrix R13 - 27 November 2013

  • Comments can be added to capture traces
  • Tag/filter capture traces by classifier
  • 4-aspect signals can now be created without all inputs
  • Logger types now shows next to site names
  • Added auto date range options to state transition counts report
  • Improved initial site load performance in playback
  • Fixed optimistic lock exception issues on map designer
  • Read more in Centrix R13 Release Notes

Centrix R12 - 12 November 2013

  • Multiple trace overlay support for triggered captures
  • Created state transition counts statistics report
  • Enhancements to map & graphical objects
    • Added position light GR/GPR input
    • Position light signals now created during asset generation
    • Position light signals can now be created without an input
    • Added auto signal graphical object
    • Track circuit objects can now be created without an input
  • Fixed issue where asset generation would sometimes fail
  • Read more in Centrix R12 Release Notes

Centrix R11 - 04 January 2013

  • Improved site playback load time
  • Added fast load option to site playback
  • Logic analyser widget added to digital event playback
  • Maintenance window creation for alarm suppression
  • Site playback layout and configuration saving
  • Analogue data processing improvements for AOC graphs

Centrix R10 - 28 November 2012

  • System-wide UI improvements
  • Improved stability of map designer
  • Improved handling of missing hour files by dialler
  • Improved message tabs on TX admin
  • Added site link graphical object to maps
  • Added syslog file parsing for alarm conditions
  • Added ability to remove channels from TX loggers
  • Added show/hide toggle per channel on AOC graphs

Centrix R9 - 17 October 2012

  • Improved live event handling in browser
  • Updated dashboard screen
  • Playback UI improvements
  • Added support for MIMOSA message forwarding

Centrix R8 - 11 October 2012

  • Brand new integrated event browser (playback)
  • Added live event handling in playback
  • Added pull latest data function to browser
  • Improved loading of alarms
  • Fixed label drawing issue on map viewer/designer

Centrix R7 - 06 September 2012

  • Added triggered capture support (TX)
  • Added capture trace browser and viewer (TX)
  • Added tutorials
  • Analogue graphs can now be deleted
  • Improvements to analogue graphs
  • Improvements to auto completed fields across system
  • Added support for SA380TX-L loggers
  • Fixed issue with bookmark comments created from browser